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Important Announcement from John Dragone

After spending more than three decades assisting students (and parents) in the areas of career decision-making, college choice and navigating the college admission and financial aid processes, I made the very difficult decision to “semi-retire” effective January 1, 2022.
As a result, John Dragone College Guidance Services, LLC will no longer be accepting new clients.

I consider myself fortunate and blessed to have had the opportunity to assist hundreds of students and parents throughout my career. Without question, the best part of my job was the people I had the pleasure of meeting along the way.

Best regards,

John Dragone, Owner
John Dragone College GuidanceServices, LLC

John Dragone
“I was terrified of starting the college process:  I had no plans, no knowledge of colleges and absolutely no desire to think about, let alone talk about, the future.  Luckily, John has a talent for quelling the fears of anxious and clueless students like me.”
(Student, University of Rochester)

“His dedication to helping me find direction during high school allowed me to pursue a degree at one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education, which in turn led to my acceptance at multiple American medical schools.”
(Student, New York University)

“I recommend his advice and knowledge to everyone.  I could not have asked for a better person.”

John is truly a master of admissions…. and one of the kindest people I know.”  (Student, Brown University)

Watch for My Weekly Video Podcast on

On Thursday, March 3, at 4:00 p.m., I will begin hosting a weekly video podcast called “Talking College....with College Planning Expert John Dragone."

If you are unable to view the podcast at its regularly-scheduled time, recorded versions will be available for viewing at a later time.

The podcast, which will feature my own contributions as well as those of expert guests from colleges, will cover a wide range of topics of interest to high school students and their parents. Possible topics include: choosing a college, career decision-making, the role of students and parents in the college decision-making process, what makes a college good?, participating in college athletics, understanding how colleges make admission decisions, SAT/ACT testing, services for students with disabilities, what's great about community colleges?, “So you want to be a doctor," effects of excessive student indebtedness, getting to know the State University of New York system of colleges, the admission process at highly-selective colleges, is an Honors Program right for you?, navigating the college application and financial aid processes.

Free Presentations for Small Rural High Schools

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I absolutely love small rural schools because of the significant role they play in the day-to-day life of their respective communities, and the wonderful job they do of educating students, while often facing greater challenges and with fewer resources found in some other types of school districts.

Having served as a school counselor for more than two decades in small rural high schools, I had the honor and the pleasure of experiencing, first-hand, the outstanding job such schools do. And, my three grown children reaped the benefits of having attended a small rural high school.

With that being said, John Dragone College Guidance Services, LLC is pleased to offer a limited number of free college-planning presentations to small rural high schools. Since no more than ten high schools per school year will be chosen to receive a free presentation, there’s no guarantee that every high school that requests one will be chosen for it. John Dragone reserves the right to choose which high schools will be offered a free college-planning presentation.

There are no “strings attached” to these free presentations, so school officials, students and parents don’t have to worry about hearing any sort of sales pitch for anything that will cost money, since John Dragone College Guidance Services, LLC has nothing to sell.

Clicking on the "Join Mailing List" tab below will take you to a page that will show the criteria that are required for a high school to be considered for a free presentation. It will also enable interested parties to join a mailing list for the presentations.

If you are a school counselor, high school teacher, administrator, National Honor Society advisor or other school official who would like to join our mailing list for further information on these free presentations, please click on the tab below:


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