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John Dragone
“I was terrified of starting the college process:  I had no plans, no knowledge of colleges and absolutely no desire to think about, let alone talk about, the future.  Luckily, John has a talent for quelling the fears of anxious and clueless students like me.”
(Student, University of Rochester)

“His dedication to helping me find direction during high school allowed me to pursue a degree at one of the most prestigious institutions of higher education, which in turn led to my acceptance at multiple American medical schools.”
(Student, New York University)

“I recommend his advice and knowledge to everyone.  I could not have asked for a better person.”

John is truly a master of admissions…. and one of the kindest people I know.”  (Student, Brown University)

We can help reduce family stress that is often associated with the college admission process
A Message To Parents
Dear Parents:

Your child’s choice of a college and career can play a major role in their future satisfaction and professional success.  With most four-year colleges costing between $22,000 and $70,000 per year, and with competition for admission being greater than ever at some institutions, students cannot risk using a haphazard approach to making college and career decisions.

Here’s how I can help:

  • Save families money by using proven approaches to choosing a college

(College costs are staggering, application fees alone can cost hundreds of dollars, and visiting college campuses is costly and time-consuming.  By identifying colleges that are a “good fit,” families can focus their time, effort and financial resources on exploring colleges that are appropriate and realistic choices for the student.)

  • Give the student and parent(s) the individual attention they need and deserve, and offer convenient year-round appointment times

(To acccommodate the busy schedules of students and parents we offer day, late afternoon, evening and weekend appointments.)

  • Help the student choose an appropriate academic major/career

(According to experts, the longer a student remains undecided about  their academic major/career plans, the greater the likelihood that they will drop out of college or take longer to graduate. Taking longer to graduate can result in additional college costs and student indebtedness, and postpone the student’s entry into the world of work, thus resulting in lost wages.)

Girl Studying
  • Assist the student in navigating the college application process, and help students and parents understand how to apply for financial aid and merit scholarships

If you are seeking expert assistance in the areas of college and career guidance, with fees that are very affordable when compared to those charged by practitioners with similar professional credentials, I invite you to take a thorough look at the information contained in this website.

I wish you and your child all the best as you embark upon the college and career decision-making journey!

John Dragone, M.Ed., CEP
Certified Educational Planner

Proud Member:
The Southern Association for College Admission Counseling Higher Education Consultants AssociationHigher Education Consultants Association Independent Educational Consultants AssociationNational Association for College Admission Counseling
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