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Here’s how it works:
  • Explain to the student and parent(s) what each of their respective roles should be during the college admission process in which they will be involved during the senior year
  • Construct a timeline that addresses the senior-year tasks that the student must complete as part of the college admission process
  • Provide advice on how the student and parent(s) should work with their school counselor to ensure that their school’s guidance office procedures are followed
  • Advise prospective NCAA Division I or II student-athletes on important steps that must be taken
  • Assist the student in narrowing-down, and then finalizing, the list of colleges to which they will submit applications (Note: this package does not include providing the student with a list of colleges; that service is provided through The College List Package)
  • Advise the student regarding whether certain college admission tests (SAT, ACT, Subject Tests) should be taken or retaken in order to enhance their chances of being offered admission or to increase their chances of being eligible for merit-based scholarships
  • Instruct the student on the various ways that SAT, ACT and Subject Test scores can be submitted to college admissions offices
  • Advise the student on how and when to obtain letters of recommendation, how many are needed, and whom to ask
  • Educate the student and parent(s) on the various ways to apply for college admission: regular admission, rolling admission, early action, early decision, restrictive early action, etc.
  • Guide the student through the processes of completing and submitting college applications
  • Advise parent(s) regarding which financial aid forms must be filed, how to file them, and deadlines by which they must be submitted (Note: this does not include filling out the financial aid forms for the student or parent)
  • Help the student and parent(s) to gain an understanding of the information contained in the financial aid award letters that they receive, and help them compare financial aid offers from the colleges
  • Once the student has received all offers of admission and financial aid, assist the student in making a final decision as to which college they will choose to attend
  • Provide guidance on how to handle being “wait-listed,” should that situation arise


A Highr Degree of College Guidance Services
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